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Company History

Brian Juran graduated New York Law School in 1995 and then worked for a private law firm in the Kingston area. I then gained a burning desire to help clients in need of a bankruptcy to help their personal lifestyles improve. Then in 1999 I started my own law firm focusing on helping individuals and families file for bankruptcy protection, and allowing them to eliminate all of their credit card debt, while still being able to keep their home and their automobiles. Since then, the business has grown to a size that allows me to assist people from Greene, Columbia, Dutchess, Sullivan, Orange and Ulster County. Since 1999 I've filed hundreds and hundreds of successful bankruptcy petitions helping thousands of people and their families and allowing them to stop the harassing telephone calls from debtors.

Years in Business

Law Office Of Brian Juran has been in business for 12 years.


Since the Bankruptcy Law has changed on October 15, 2005, you should not make any decision on filing for bankruptcy protection until you speak with me regarding what is the best way to deal with your financial situation. Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate harassing creditor(s) calls, stop wage garnishments, and release restraints on bank accounts. In most circumstances you can keep your house and car while discharging credit cards and medical bills. We can also discuss how to discharge secured debt such as mortgage(s) and repossessed automobiles. Bankruptcy however, does not automatically eliminate all debt.

Call today for a FREE consultation and a FRESH START. Most people are able to discharge and never have to pay back their credit card debt, medical bills and other personal loans while KEEPING their HOUSE and CAR. Finally, put an end to harassing phone calls and wage garnishments. Call today for a free consultation to speak with an attorney who will explain to you if a bankruptcy filing may or may not be for you and what chapter of bankruptcy may be best for you.

Reasonable PAYMENT PLANS are available. FAST ELECTRONIC FILING is available and all bankruptcies are filed in the United States District Court of the Northern District of New York or the Southern District of New York. Attorney Brian Juran is admitted in both Federal Courts.

Licenses / Credentials:

  • Attorney Brian Juran is admitted into NY State as well as both Federal Courts allowing all bankruptcies to be filed in the United States District Court of the Northern District or Southern District.

Proudly serving Ulster, Dutchess, Columbia and Greene Counties for over 12 years.

Choosing the Right Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney

You’ve probably heard the phrase “A person that represents himself has a fool as a client”. Of course when it comes to legal issues not many of us would want to represent ourselves but if we need to find a qualified Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney to do the job we really aren’t sure what to look for or even where to start.

There are a number of reasons a person might need to hire a competent Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney including family issues, business and real estate transactions, or legal representation to stop a foreclosure, garnishment or to prevent a repossession. The Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney you choose to handle any of these matters must provide skilled, prompt, and diligent representation.

Where do you begin if you find yourself in need of a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney? Most Bankruptcy Attorneys specialize within a specific area of the law. It’s important to keep in mind that you need to find a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney that practices within the area of law in which you need help.

Where to Search for a Qualified Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney

Start by pinpointing your need and gathering a list of appropriate candidates. It’s ok to ask friends, relatives and colleagues for recommendations, but only consider the names they provide if the Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney handled a case for them that was similar to yours. Also ask other professionals you know. Real estate agents, accountants and government officials deal with Bankruptcy Attorneys on regular bases and they may be able to give you a good recommendation for your specific need.


Look in your local phone book to find the listing for the state’s Bar Association. Almost every bar association has a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney referral service. They can provide you with a few names of qualified Bankruptcy Attorneys whose area of expertise fits your needs. Just be aware that the names you get won’t guarantee you the best Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney since anyone can ask to be on the list. You should still do your own research to see if they’re someone you want to follow up with.

Look for online resources. The internet is a great way to search for anything you need including a good Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney. You’ll also find legal directories with listings of reliable Bankruptcy Attorneys in your area. You can narrow your search by city and type of practice. The most convenient part of using the computer is that you get to do some research on local Kingston Bankruptcy Attorneys to help you decide if you even want to call them.

Setting up a Consultation with the Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney

Once you have your list of potential candidates in hand, it’s time to get down to the business of making contact with each Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney. If you’ve used an online directory or referral service you may have already made some initial contacts by email. This can greatly enhance your comfort level and give you a good idea of which Bankruptcy Attorneys you’d like to set up an appointment with for an in person consultation.


Usually a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney will offer a free consultation either by phone or by appointment to learn why you need representation and to briefly discuss your case. Think of this consultation as an interview and a time to get a feel for each Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney you talk with. If an Bankruptcy Attorney is going to represent you, you need to feel comfortable and trust this person. The consultation is also an ideal time to learn about an Bankruptcy Attorney’s experience and successes with cases similar to yours.

Don’t forget to ask about fees as well as possible payment options. A number of problems are created when a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney and client fail to discuss fees up front. You can avoid turning a good relationship bad by asking the Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney for detailed information in writing, outlining his fees and any other expenses that might be involved. Ask for this before you agree to any representation and you can save yourself from a lot of surprises later on.

Choosing a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney You can Trust

Get references from any prospective Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney. It may seem a bit audacious to suggest to an Bankruptcy Attorney that you aren’t willing to accept just his word as to his qualifications but a qualified Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney with an upstanding reputation will understand your reasoning and will If an Bankruptcy Attorney seems offended, angry that you would question his ability, or in any way tries to intimidate you out of asking for references, he is obviously a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney you do not want to hire.

Finding a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney is not difficult. Finding a good Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney may take a little work. Finding a good Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney that is familiar and experienced with your type of case and is someone you trust implicitly may be no easy feat. Remember that Bankruptcy Attorneys are often literally entrusted with the lives of their clients. Hopefully you will never find yourself in this situation, but no matter your reason for needing a Kingston Bankruptcy Attorney, keep in mind that dedication and trust should be paramount in your decision.


Law Office Of Brian Juran